Mentor List:

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Rohan Mujoo
Rohan is an avid pythonista and loves to work on different up and coming technologies. He has won several hackathons in the past few years and has also worked on projects shortlisted for DRDO and Google Build for Digital India Bootcamp.

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Yash Chauhan
Yash found his best friends in Robots. He has been shortlisted by Google for Build for Digital India Bootcamp. Yash has been invited to DRDO to showcase his Robot. He has developed the Street Light Fault Detection System for EESL (PSU). He has been a part of the R&D team in robotics at Oxymora Technology and he has won 8 Hackathons so far.

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Priyansh Khandelwal
Priyansh is a Graphic Designer and Adobe Design Achievement Award, winner. His clients include- G club, Hub-40, Craftbar, and more. He is creative, versatile, and enjoys listening to Rock music.

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Atul Bharadwaj
Atul has been awarded the RISING STAR Award by the HRD Ministry of India. He's the Lead Backend Developer of an application that's is India's first Non Profit app based on reverse model of Swiggy.
He is the Smart India Hackathon finalist with 7 certifications in fields like Data Science, Internet of things.

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Siraz Naorem
Siraz is the Graphic and Social Marketing Head for 2 Startups. He is proficient in Game Development and has developed games for RPG and StareOut games.
He won for himself 6th place in the Unity Global Student Challenge
He is also the Creative Head for Innova and Engifest, DTU

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Jatin Jain
Jatin, an expert in Game Development and Deep Learning (AI) is a Winner at Udacity's Accelerator Challenge Jatin developed Neural Networks for Skin Cancer Detection as a part of Udacity's Nanodegree program.
He has to his credit Scholarship from Bertelsmann University

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